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     Using Eye to See Directly

    1.Put the love stone in front of your eyes.
    2.Use your eye to see the secret inside of the necklace.

    Display the Secret on the phone screen

    1.Open the phone camera(You could use your front phone camera or back phone camera to see. Both ways could see the image)
    2.Aim the protruding side of the love stone at the lens.
    3.You will see the content inside of the loving stone.
    4.Warm Reminder: If you use front phone camera lens, the image would be upside down. For back phone camera, the image would be displayed in right way.

    Display the Content on the Wall

    1.Open the phone flashlight.
    2.Aim the flat side of the love stone at the phone flashlight
    3.Project the Content on a dark background
    4.Please noted that the words would be mirrored and the image would be upside down if you use this way to see the secret.